Shark Finning: Should the Practice Be Banned? Essay

Shark Finning: Should the Practice Be Banned? Essay

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Shark Finning: Should the Practice Be Banned?
Ten rows of razor sharp teeth, a jagged fin, rapid swimming speeds, and a vicious bite—it’s easy to understand why so many humans are afraid of the kings of the ocean. Sharks are an apex predator in the ocean, yet their numbers are dropping more and more every day. Why is such a dominant species being depleted, you ask? Humans. On average, humans kill 3 sharks every second. This is stunning compared to the mere ten humans sharks mistakenly kill each year. The demand for shark fin soup has been rapidly increasing in the past two decades due to a rise in the middle and upper classes in many Asian countries. The fisherman thought of an efficient mechanism for harvesting fins quickly and inexpensively—shark finning. Shark finning is the practice of slicing off sharks’ fins while they are still alive, and then discarding their bodies back into the ocean. Nonetheless, shark fin soup is an important aspect of Chinese culture. There is currently much controversy over the subject, and a balance between humans and sharks must be obtained. In the article, Taking Social Argument Seriously, James Klumpp emphasizes the strength that argument has. When we ban together as a society, argument has the power to change policies.
Shark fin soup has been around since the Ming Dynasty in China, which was around 1368–1644 (History of Shark Fin Soup). The dish is considered a treasure of the sea and is a delicacy in the Chinese culture. The dish is a long held symbol of affluence and respect. The Chinese emperors longed for the soup because it is unusual, requires ornate preparation, and is delicious. The tradition still holds true, and the soup is usually served at special occasions such as wedd...

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