Sharing Passion One Lesson at a Time Essay

Sharing Passion One Lesson at a Time Essay

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“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts,” was once said by author C.S. Lewis (“Teacher Quotes”). This is the philosophy that Mr. Brendan Murray, a History Teacher at West Wilkes High School, enforces in his classroom. Mr. Murray has taught at West High for three years, where he also coaches Cross Country and Track and Field. When students walk out of his classroom or off of the track, they have been awakened by a new hunger to learn about the history of the world around them and to strive to achieve what others think is impossible. Due to his childhood and young adult experiences, Mr. Murray is able to approach his students and athletes with an enthusiasm and passion that causes them to become more engaged, and willing to push themselves beyond their own expectations.
Mr. Murray was born in Durham, North Carolina. At the result of his father’s career, Mr. Murray and his family, moved to England when he was three years old.
“Despite the fact that I was young at the time, I still remember getting to go to London and Paris; even then I was amazed by these cities.”
It is easily seen that Mr. Murray’s love for geography and appreciation for history has been evident throughout his life. As Murray talked about getting to see these magnificent cities, his face lit up, and an enthusiastic smile flashed across his face, which made it inevitable for anyone to dispute his passion for history. Upon returning to the States, Murray was five years old, but his traveling experiences were far from over. Since being back in the U.S., Murray has visited almost all of the fifty states, lived in Canada for a short time, studied abroad in Germany, and has even been to most of the major history land marks ...

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.... Murray is making a difference in the lives of his students, by showing them that their future can be brighter if they learn from the mistakes of their past, as many have done in history. He is teaching his athletes that being the best is not always the top prize in a sport, but competing to the best of your ability and gaining confidence in your abilities is. Although this may seem like a small task to some, the students and athletes who have been taught and coached by Mr. Murray will testify that having someone who cares has made all the difference.

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