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Sharing My Place Essay

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….......................................................Sharing My Place...........................................................
Stopwatch countdown beeps like a bomb. Final scribbles accelerate in time to the eerie ding, ding, ding. Time’s up. Tossing aside the pen, I stand and stumble, landing behind a podium. Gulp. Then… syllables trickle and burst, berating air, shimmying up off note cards into the audience. Sounds shape shift into creatures creating cadence. I’m doing it!
I feel like Daniel Webster reincarnated, but waddling in high heels and stuffed into a black suit, I look like a penguin. Sentences begin toppling off my lower lip and crumble into opponents' rebuttals. We lose our first debate to a team who thinks WikiLeaks are leeks: true defeat.
Undaunted, I immerse myself. I search for complexities in heaps of Foreign Affairs. I file information bits in my gray matter. Black Hawk Down and the Rwandan Genocide zip zap together, and my brain whirs: 738 million refugees, 14 million child marriages, and 6 million American guns. I slay straw men, demolish Deontological framew...

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