Sharing Facebook Password Essay

Sharing Facebook Password Essay

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Sharing Facebook Password
Employers and schools nowadays evaluate applicants from their social media accounts. For example, the applicant’s Facebook profile could be used to get information such as age, residence and even academic history. What worries Joanna Stern in the article, “Demanding Facebook Passwords May Break Law, Say Senators” is the fact that employers and schools require employees and students to give their Facebook passwords to access their profiles. This practice poses unanticipated legal liabilities. Thus, government officials have rose against the practice. Indeed, requiring a user to share Facebook account’s password for access to the user’s profile is morally wrong and does not meet its intended objective.
The most basic problem with the practice of requiring employees and students to share their Facebook passwords with the administration is the involved illegality. With no explicit federal legislation to sue employers and schools that propagate this practice as observed by Botros (2013), proving the illegality could be a challenge. However, the Terms of Se...

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