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Finance Capital, the novel takes place in the International Settlement of Shanghai after WWI, during the 1920’s. Within the international settlement a battle between the Chinese Communist Laborers, the European, the American, the Japanese, and the Chinese financial oligarchies rages for supremacy of Shanghai’s financial markets. The financial oligarchy according to Lenin, is the major owners of capital . Koya was a Japanese born Shanghai resident and was a member of the Forestry Division of the Muramatsu Steamship Company, a company (zaibatsu) of Japan. His brother Takashige (Japanese) was a manager of a factory belonging to the Far East Cotton Mills. Sanki (Japanese and Koya’s friend) started off as a banker forced to protect his corrupt boss and when fired from his job at the Joryoku Bank, he ended up working in the Trade Division of Far East Cotton Mills zaibatsu. Fang Qin-lan was the beautiful Chinese-female communist spy/ factory worker for the Far East Cotton Mills company. Qian Shi-shan is opium addicted Chinese pro-capitalism/Nationalist who believes that China must support Chinese capitalism to become world power and no longer be exploited by European imperialist powers. These characters best represented the opposing sides in Shanghai during the timeline of the novel. Their struggles gave a look into the personal experiences of the day to day workings of the every aspect of life for the residents of Shanghai.
Lenin ideas on finance capital are all throughout this book. WWI had already happened by the books timeline. China is experiencing exploitation from all sides East and West. The imperialist-European nations and imperialist-Japan are looking to China (along with other non-capitalist countries like India and Philip...

... middle of paper ...

...tion that revolt against the imperial powers . Although there are some instances of Luxemburg’s ideas of finance capital in Shanghai, the revolt only proves that her belief in the demise of capitalism is incorrect. According to Luxemburg’s model one of the results of the revolts should be the end of capitalism (a least in Shanghai), instead the Chinese capitalists use the riots as an opportunity to promote domestic product and help foster Chinese capitalism.

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