Shakesperare's Much Ado About Nothing Essay

Shakesperare's Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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“Power of Love”
The cycle of love and life continues. After they died, Beatrice, Benedick, Hero and Claudio were again born in the Earth. In their rebirth, Claudio and Benedick were still friends and the Hero and Beatrice were friends too, not cousins. The society where they were born considered it a crime for poor’s to be friends with rich’s. Benedick was a poor orphan, yet he was still friends with Claudio who was from a rich family. Similarly, Beatrice and Hero were friends too, even though Hero was a poor orphan while Beatrice was from rich. Beatrice’s father, Bwo and Claudio’s father, Cwo who both hated poor’s were friends, even though Beatrice and Claudio didn’t knew each other. It was Friday, Bwo and Cwo as usual were having party at Bwo’s mansion.

Bwo: Is Cwo here yet?
Servant: No sir.
Cwo: Why are you yelling Bwo? What’s going on?
Bwo: Nothing, just asking my servant about your arrival.
Cwo: How many times should I tell you to fire that poor from your service.
Bwo: I can’t fire him. He’s loyal and honest.
Cwo: No Bwo no, these poor’s are never honest, they just pretend to be honest to take our money.
Bwo: Let it go Bwo. Do you want a drink?
Cwo: Of course, chilled vodka please.
Bwo: Bring Cwo a drink.
Servant: Sure sir.
Cwo: What yes sir, go get my drink fast.

When the servant brought the drink and try to give it to Cwo, he accidentally spilled it all over the Bwo’s coat.

Bwo: Damn it, what have you done?
Cwo: Bwo, I told you to fire this poor, you didn’t listened to me. Look what happened now. He’s pouring drinks in your coat.
Bwo: You don’t know how expensive this coat is. Do you, you mere poor.
Servant: Sorry my lord, I am really sorry.
Bwo: Your sorry will not get me a new coat, you poor.

Fumed in anger, Bwo ...

... middle of paper ...

...and Claudio again decided to go talk to their fathers. When Benedick and Beatrice were at Beatrice’s father’s house, government officials came to raid the house because Bwo was taking commission money from his workers. When the government officials looked for the money, Beatrice secretly told Benedick where the money was. Benedick then hid the money in an empty water tank, which no one searched. When they didn’t found any cash in Bwo’s house, the government officials went away. Since Bwo and Cwo were friends and they worked together, there was a raid on Cwo’s house too. Hero saved the Cwo’s money by hiding it under her elongated costume, which no one checked. When Bwo and Cwo realized how Hero and Benedick saved their money and high profile reputation, they agreed on letting Beatrice and Claudio marry Benedick and Hero. That also removed their hatred toward poor’s.

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