Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Essay

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Essay

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Romeo and Juliet, is one of the famous plays written by William Shakespeare who is known for his famous plays and poems. Romeo and Juliet are repeated by two different directors which are not alike, in both directing and speaking. The play is a very tragic at the end when Romeo and Juliet die due with their parent’s strife and hatred; however their death ends the anger and rage between the two families. The main theme of the play is romantic but ends with a tragic scene because the two star crossed lovers take their life to a whole misadventured piteous overthrows their parent’s strife. Act 3 is when the feud happens between tybalt and Mercutio, it starts off on a hot day in a public place, Mercutio and Benvolio walking and unexpectedly tybalt enters the scene looking for Romeo but doesn't know his secretly marrying his cousin Juliet. When Romeo meets tybalt with gratitude, tybalt takes it the wrong way and thinks his insulting him because tybalt doesn't know his secretly married with his cousin Juliet therefore Romeo can't fight tybalt. That’s when Mercutio gets furious because his high tempered character but humours, this is why the audience admire him they felt very terrible when he died. Mercutio dies in the hands of tybalt but Romeo got in the way of Mercutio before he could kill tybalt, that was a chance for tybalt to kill Mercutio and tybalt went for it. Romeo than went after tybalt for revenge, Romeo’s has a fatal flaw meaning a character's weakness and Romeo’s one is that; he does think about the consequences that will happen so he always lets his emotions get in his way, this is the reason why tybalt was dead, he feeling full of hatred, rage and vengeance. Tybalt's body lies while Romeo thinks about the consequence and ...

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...rous Mercutio makes the audience furious with tybalt killing their favourite character because his live wire and use irony to make the audience amused. Episode 5 then begins after mercutio's death, again tybalt arrives after fleeing with his partners, and he says he came to complete his mission that’s to kill Romeo but Romeo is so angry and mad that he forgets his going to kill Juliet’s cousin. The final episode is very dramatic and tense because Romeo is 1 on 1 with tybalt face to face and the audience are thinking 'what is he going to do' or 'don't kill him' is the point where everyone wants to know what will happen, this is the final scene of act 3, Romeo without thinking about the consequences he kill tybalt he committed a crime which he regrets doing Romeo frozen thinking of what Juliet’s reaction will be to this while the cold blood of tybalt is spreading.

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