Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night : If Music Be The Food Of Love Essay

Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night : If Music Be The Food Of Love Essay

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Shakespeare wrote in The Twelfth night: “If music be the food of love, play on.” Music, at it’s core, was always about emotion- Joy, sorrow, Elation, Dispair- However, in the classical era of music, music was reliant on the voice; The Voice was considered the only instrument effective enough to convey emotion; One line, one staff in whatever shape it took- An individual voice, and an individual tone. Linear, in it’s shape- These were the forms the music crafted by Mozart and Haydn were born from- However, with Beethoven, he does not see a melody as a line, no, he saw music as a storm of emotion; Like a storm, it leaned into itself, folding and swirling. Beethoven is quoted as saying, “Musik höhere Offenbarung ist als alle Weisheit und Philosophie.” Translated to english, it speaks that “Music is a greater revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Through this emotion and feeling he poured into his music, he led, beyond his suffering in his ears- For their use had long since past. Through this, he left a lasting legacy of music, from those which he created, and that which his music radiates through.
We’ll begin with a bit of history- Sired by the son of Lodewijk, Johann Von Beethoven, a tenor who taught Piano and Violin for extra income. From beethoven’s youthful age, he showed an adeptness and familiarity with music, honed by a dozen trainers. At the age of 17, he traveled to Vienna in the hope to learn from Mozart himself (Though whether they even met is an uncertainty left floating in the winds of time), only for his chance to be stolen from him as his mother fell ill and died, and his father descended into an endless abyss of alcohol. In the next five years, where he supported his family with his music, he met the von Breunin...

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...ges ahead. The town he claimed his own made a statue of his figure in 1880, while his hometown made a statue in 1845. In the end, his legacy is more than in just spirit, but also in form.
His leadership, while not direct, was very much there in function, if not necessarily in form, and his legacy in both body and spirit. He led like many leaders since- Not in body, but example, leading the Romantic movement with his sorrow and triumph, never yielding to his sorrow, but channeling it into joy and music, music that is played to this day. Who, through a life of turbulence, shone like a guiding beacon, leading many artists to the future of music; Romanticism. Beethoven’s influence on all would have made him joyous- For he said himself- "Don 't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine."

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