Essay on Shakespeare 's The Odyssey - Appearance Of A Woman

Essay on Shakespeare 's The Odyssey - Appearance Of A Woman

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Appearance of a Woman
Indeed, women play an influential role in life. In The Odyssey, women appear as goddesses, wives, and servants who are faithful, wise, and powerful. In Homer 's ballad The Odyssey, Penelope is the faithful and loyal wife of Odysseus. Penelope expresses her courage, compassion, and helpfulness throughout The Odyssey. She has faith and depends on the goddess Athena to grant her wishes.
Penelope is the daughter of Icarius and lives in Ithaca. She is representing women who are faithful to their husband no matter the situation. She is characterized as the intelligent and faithful wife of her husband Odysseus. Over twenty years when her husband had gone to war, she remained loyal and had faith that her husband will return. To conclude, Loyalty, as defined in the Odyssey, seems to be dedication to Penelope, having faith of her husband’s return and victory. However, in Book I, Penelope is in a dangerous situation with her son, Telemachus, when the suitors start attacking her house to take over her husband’s kingdom while he is away.
Penelope is married to one the most confident and handsome man, Odysseus. Penelope is loyal to her husband throughout their marriage. In the beginning, Penelope is described as a fearful woman who cannot maintain her life without her husband. “Her son’s powerful words pressed to her heart. She went upstairs to her room and her women And wept for Odysseus, her beloved husband, Until grey-eyed Athena cast sleep on her eyelids.” Also, she often weeps day and night for husband Odysseus’s return until the goddess Athena cast her to sleep. Moreover, in Book 1, Penelope becomes sadden by the music Phenemius was playing.
“Phenemius, you know many other songs To soothe human sorrows, songs of t...

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...s. Her responsibilities and commitments toward the man she loves are particularly difficult to keep, under the strain of the situation. Although she does not actively pursue an effort to find him, she kept his kingdom secured and did all in her power to keep his home. Therefore, in the story we see seen in her efforts to defend and protect the family and her husband’s kingdom.
Penelope is a beautiful, caring, wise, and elusive woman. She is faithful to her husband and most of all forgiving from her husband’s infidelity. Athena believed in Penelope, Telemachus, and Odysseus throughout the story. She expressed loyalty in believing in her husband and faith believing in her to son to be just like father. To end, Penelope is the most loyal woman in Greek history and she expresses the love, loyalty, and forgiveness a woman should have for her husband despite his mistakes.

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