Shakespeare and Humanity

Shakespeare and Humanity

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Before Shakespeare led the idea of humanity into his play, everyone knew what humanity mean, but not completely. Many writer, poetic, playwrights, and philosopher interpreted that Hamlet was the first idea to prove humanity in the play by Shakespeare. As interpreted Hamlet, Shakespeare show the idea of humankind, however he did not create the idea of humanity. Shakespeare use Hamlet as an idea of the complex working of the human mind and how human choose their decision upon on their characteristic. In the play Hamlet, demonstrate the idea of humanity by giving Hamlet all different kind characteristics and performance that can lead the reader to understand and to more aware of humanity.
Shakespeare gave Hamlet all different kind of performance in the play to approach his meaning to the reader. In the play, Hamlet, "And now I'll do't. And so he goes to heaven; And so am I revenged. That would be scann'd: A villain kills my father, and for that, I, his sole son, do the same villain send To heaven,"(71). The way how Hamlet use these words to describe what is he thinking about the way of getting revenged for his father. In depth, Hamlet decide not to kill Claudius because Hamlet knew that if Claudius pray while Hamlet kill him, Claudius will go to Heaven instead of Hell. Also, Hamlet want his uncle, Claudius, to suffer more because of his father's death. This quote allowed us to seek more on Hamlet's action because Hamlet had to decide when to revenge his father's death. According in Shakespeare and the Invention of the Human, Bloom stated, "Hamlet lacks faith in God and in himself", this confirmed that Hamlet doesn't have self-consciousness according to his actions. However, Hamlet seem to have faith in God because if Hamlet don't have faith in God; he would have kill Claudius by the time when Claudius was pray on his knee, and wouldn’t care if he go to Heaven. The way how Hamlet's actions prove that humankind need to be self-aware of the choices that going to be in their life. We have to think beforehand, so we do anything out of control. Hamlet chose to let Claudius to grieve more so his uncle understand what he had sin (murder).
Furthermore, Bloom believes that the reason Shakespeare invented the idea of humanity because Hamlet was "poem unlimited" where he has a lot of characteristic and has all the genre such as romance, tragedy, comedy, history, satire, and romance.

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Even thought, Hamlet has all the genre, he is no different from other Shakespeare play. According to Terry Nyquist, "The potential for original thought regarding Shakespeare's canon is limited only by the number of individuals exposed, the variety is as infinite as human personality"(2003). Terry statement clarify that every characters of Shakespeare's play have their own limited, but it the personality that show who are they as humankind. Falstaff find Hamlet as "intelligent, identifies himself with the freedom of wit, with play" and "entertains itself with bitter wit and bitterly intended okay but other aspects are bound, and we cannot find the balance," (Bloom). Hamlet is someone who is free, but he as obligations. As for more, Hamlet decide not to over control of what had for himself because Hamlet's action is prematurely. Seeing Hamlet's characteristic in the play can show that personality is also a part of the way how our thought and action that can affect the things in our life. So we have to aware that we don't over control things that are pointless to go against.
Not to mention, personality, characteristic, and performance are the cause that need to be aware of over controlling because it can affect the life of other and ours. However, Shakespeare expand the idea of humanity by defining characteristic, personality, and actions that connects to each other to seek the deeper main idea of humanity and what to beware of. Characteristic is important to be aware of because some may define themselves as someone who are good, but deep inside they’re not or it can be the opposite. Characteristic leads to personality because “Part of the value of the Shakespearean representation of personality is its incredible depth and complexity, which achieves a magnitude in Falstaff matched only by that of Hamlet,” (Bloom). Bloom stated that Shakespeare use personality to find the inner side of a person. Also, characteristic play a role along with personality because without characteristic we won’t know what kind of person he or she really are and what they are capable of. With the relationships between personality and characteristics, in addition, performance (action) are also a part to beware of humanity because each performance have its own meaning and the reason why. For example, Hamlet pretend he doesn’t love Ophelia, because he knew that he can’t let others know that he’s pretending to be crazy, but deep inside he love Ophelia. The action of Hamlet toward to Ophelia is terrified because it shows us that he pretending on two things; pretending to be crazy and don’t love Ophelia. However, at the end, Ophelia’s death, Hamlet say, “I loved Ophelia Forty thousand brothers Could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum. What wilt thou do for her?”(108). Hamlet finally admitted that he love Ophelia. We see that Hamlet performance lead to a destructive romance, so we have to aware that in humanity, love can be ruin by a lie. To notice the relationship between characteristics, personality, and performance (actions), we can analysis that with these three relationship it created a whole idea of human kind.
As a final point, Shakespeare expand the idea of humanity so that everyone knew what humanity mean in depth. Although others say that he did invent the idea of humanity, but we can interpreted deeper to finalize the idea of inventing humanity. Shakespeare use Hamlet as an idea to expand more of what going on a humans’ mind and their decision to benefit themselves. However, Shakespeare take the idea of humanity deeper by presentation personality to seek what kind of person they are and what they are capable. Besides that, we can understand what we can be aware in our life due to what going through in our mind and morals. Shakespeare demonstrate Hamlet by all different kind genres in the play that will define characteristics, personality, and the action that will lead humankind to be more aware of what we can do and what we can’t. Also, between these three relationships, we can determine that we have to be careful of going over limits because it can lead destructive into our life.

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