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The Shadow Of The Moon Essay examples

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In the Shadow of the Moon is a film about the most beautiful and incredible adventure in human history. It narrates the story of 12 fortunate American men who were able to walk upon the moon surface. They were the first human beings to stand on another world. The film reveals the astronauts experiences and memories for stepping on the moon. They share their stories, feelings, toughs and joy for stepping on the moon and travel through space. The film also portrays the beautiful scenes of the earth and the moon taken from space.
The film teaches us that NASA’s missions started to satisfied President John F. Kennedy ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon. The first Apollo mission took place in 1968 it was called “Apollo 8.” Its mission was to orbit the Moon, and then returned safely to Earth. Three astronauts were aboard. In July 1969 the first moon landing was performed by U.S spacecraft Apollo 11. The crew of Apollo 11 consisted of only three members Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin being the first men to step in the moon, and also Michael Collins, the pilot of the spacecraft. The astronauts spent several hours in the moon surface conducting scientific researches and studying the surface. The three members of the crew safely return to earth. This was an experience that they always kept in their hearts.
In Pale Blue Dot, Chapter 13 “The Gift of Apollo” by Carl Sagan, Sagan starts the chapter by telling us the wonderful and unique experience of landing in the moon. He makes us participants in this important event in history as he is narrating the story of the two men walking and jumping on the moon surface. Apollo 11 land on the moon on July 20, 1969. It was the first time human beings visit other world. “It was...

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...acies, engineering and technological adversities that NASA face during the development of Apollo 8 and 11 that help them visit the moon.
Sagan, Carl. “The Gift of Apollo.” Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space. Ballantine Books, 1994. 163-172. Print.
Chapter 13 The Gift of Apollo narrates how Apollo missions change the history of the human species. It explains how Apollo 11 was an astonishing and technological achievement for the United States. This chapter tell us how this event transform people’s lives, and the future and also how was an inspirational event for new discoveries. This chapter will help me back up my idea of technology and the landings on the moon.
• Landing on the moon was a wonderful and unique event (Sagan 164).
• To the astronauts the moon was the most beautiful desert they have ever seen (In the Shadow of the Moon).

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