Sexualy Transmited Diseases: Hemophilia Essay

Sexualy Transmited Diseases: Hemophilia Essay

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Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder that slows down the clotting process of one’s blood. There are two types of the disorder: hemophilia A and hemophilia B. Both result in very similar symptoms, however, they are caused by different mutations of genes on the X chromosome. The way in which the disorder is inherited is known as an “X-linked recessive pattern.” Since males only have one X chromosome, one gene mutation is all that is needed in order to obtain hemophilia. On the other hand, females have two X chromosomes meaning that two mutations (on on each X chromosome) are required to inherit hemophilia. For that reason, it’s far more unlikely for females to have hemophilia than it is for males. Specifically, the genes which cause hemophilia A and hemophilia B are the F8 gene and the F9 gene respectively. Mutations in these genes trigger the production of abnormal versions or reduce the number of coagulation factors VIII or IX. Subsequently, these missing or scarce proteins are not able to aid in the blood clotting process which causes excessive and continuous bleeding. There are varying levels of the severity of hemophilia which are all dependent on the extent of mutation of coagulation factors VIII or IX (Hemophilia, n.d.).
There is, however, another form of hemophilia that is rare. It is known as acquired hemophilia, and it is caused by one’s body producing specialized proteins (autoantibodies) that attack coagulation factor VIII. In this rare case, it is not caused by genetic mutation or scarcity. The body’s production of autoantibodies can sometimes be attributed to pregnancy, allergic reactions, cancer, or immune system disorders (Hemophilia, n.d.).
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