Sexually Transmitted Infection: The Human Papilloma Virus Essay

Sexually Transmitted Infection: The Human Papilloma Virus Essay

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HPV, also known as the human papilloma virus is a sexually transmitted infection that is common worldwide. It is contracted in homosexual and heterosexual relationships when direct genital-to-genital contact occurs. This virus affects both genders and can often lie dormant for many years without any symptoms (Waller et al., 2004). However, some strands of HPV can be detrimental as it causes 99% of cervical cancer in women (Kaplan-Myrth & Dollin, 2007) and 40% of penile cancer in men (Parkin & Bray, 2006). Cancers of the anus, mouth and oro-pharynx are other diseases that can arise in either of the HPV positive genders (Parkin & Bray, 2006). Women in Canada are currently provided with a HPV vaccination program that is funded by the Canadian government. Men however are given the vaccination upon request but, for a certain fee. This causes men to believe the vaccination is not necessary as it is not provided by the government. Nonetheless, men still play a role in spreading the virus as there is genital-to-genital contact during sex. I strongly believe that the Canadian government should fund the HPV vaccination program for men as it will greatly improve the health of the Canadian population.
HPV in Women and Men:
HPV in women can start off as genital warts but if left untreated, it can lead to chronic diseases including cancer of the cervix. This form of cancer is the second most common in women diagnosed with HPV. The cancer of the cervix is a serious issue as there was an estimated prevalence of 493,000 and a death count of 274,000 in the world in 2002 (Parkin & Bray, 2006).
According to Parkin and Bray (2006), cancer of the penis is infrequent in males as it only accounts for less than 0.5% of the total amount of cancer in men...

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...ts in young women 4 years after commencing a national human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme. Sexually transmitted infections, 87(7), 544-547.
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