The Sexuality Of Male Crying Essay examples

The Sexuality Of Male Crying Essay examples

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From the moment a child is brought into this world the first thing the parent is waiting to hear is the child cry. That cry is one of the most precious thing a parent craves for upon the birth of their child. So how can something so valuable become as discouraged in society as that child gets older? Crying is a natural survival instinct which human being do to remove all the sadness, anger, frustration and pain inside them. It is a technique which has the same impact of a supercharged, calm down cocktail. The pressure on your diaphragm is lifted and your heart slows back to normal. This biological instinct releases endorphins which protects one’s eyes and calms one down [1]. But many people disagree with this scientifically proven fact.
Men have cried since the time they’ve had eyeballs, yet the acceptability of male crying has greatly varied over time and across culture. ”In the early to mid-1900s, the “real men” were usually depicted as being the hardy guys who could raise a barn, fight a war, skin a deer, strip and re-assemble an entire car and sweep a woman off her feet, all in the space of a single afternoon”. This persona of what a “macho man” is, has restricted a whole gender from expressing themselves and bottling up everything inside. Since the mid-1900s society has been reprogrammed into believing and practicing this ideology. Women do not want to engage themselves with a man who constantly sobs about his problems and want a person who is emotionally stable. “Imagine a really masculine man. He’s tough, confident and the alpha. When you interact with him, you naturally feel as though you should respect him. You also feel safe around him because you know that most other guys would fear him”. This is what society portrays ...

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... and outdated ideology has ruined man and turned them into a hollow shell of a person. One needs to help spread awareness to protect our society from this “macho” stereotype.
God has created man equal in all aspects so why should we restrict one from the other. Crying is a natural coping technique created by our body to cope withallthe anxiety and frustration one has bottled up inside. This is what makes us human. The passion, the emotion. It distinguishes us from the animals in the wild. This coping mechanism is a gift and instead of making us weaker, says the past stereotype, it actually makes us stronger and helps us deal with challenges head-on.One startsto understand oneself better and people begin to figure out oneself from within. Men who cry are not inferior from those who don’t. as society changes and develops for the better so will the stereotype on men.

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