Essay about Sexuality Is A Sensitive Topic

Essay about Sexuality Is A Sensitive Topic

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Sexuality is a sensitive topic for many to talk about yet an important one in the world we live in. Many are familiar with the term “Coming Out” and how it relates to sexuality as a whole but few also understand the lesbian continuum and what both have to do with the Sexual Revolution. The concept of “Coming Out” for Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender individuals and the lesbian continuum are deeply intertwined and both both relate directly to the Sexual Revolution.
“Coming Out” refers to members of the LGBT community declaring who they are publicly or to those closest to them. For a very long time, the concept of coming out did not exist. If you were lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender you either kept your sexuality and/or gender identity a secret or you pretended to be straight. The term “Homosexuality” was coined in the 1860s and was first established in the medical community in the 1880s. However, that does not mean homosexuality was suddenly well known of and widely accepted. For many gay people around the world, it was not till Irish author Oscar Wilde was sent to prison for openly being gay that they realized there were other people ‘like them’.
Publicly declaring one’s sexuality is a crucial step in a long journey many LGBT people go through to become comfortable in their own skin. The process of coming out can be different from person to person. Some people will say they never had to come out because they were never ‘in’; that they were always comfortable with their sexuality and never kept it a secret. For others, coming out can be a difficult and painful process that can come as a shock to their friends and family.
While no one can officially know another’s sexuality without being told by that person, society has fo...

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..., sodomy, and yes, homosexuality, were all illegal.
Discussions surrounding the aforementioned topics were considered taboo and inappropriate leading up to the Sexual Revolution; the thought of coming out was non existent to many. The Sexual Revolution brought into light discussions on coming out and the confusion surrounding the lesbian continuum. The Sexual Revolution made it more common to talk about sexuality and coming out. One could also argue the Sexual Revolution resulted in a direct link to the Gay Liberation movement which sought to end discriminatory laws against the LGBT community.
Regardless of one’s opinion on LGBT issues, the history of the movement cannot be ignored. The Sexual Revolution brought into light the possibility of coming out and discussions surrounding the lesbian continuum; two topics very much relevant in the society we live in today.

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