Sexuality As Becoming Is Illuminating And Inspiring Essay

Sexuality As Becoming Is Illuminating And Inspiring Essay

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I found the idea that sexuality as becoming is illuminating and inspiring to me in this week’s readings. Megan M. Burke leaded a discussion about sexuality, a new way to understand sexuality. She explains that sexuality is doing by choosing, and it is a negotiation that one make with the situations and the environment. Sexuality is a matter of existence and survival, and it is continuous and indeterminate (Burke, 23).
I encountered and seriously think about the topic of sexuality about half a year ago, after I came to America. Before I came here, I have never had problems that I have to think about the issue of sexuality. The reason I think is that I am a cis-gendered and heterosexual man, but I still had difficulties to understand that sexuality as becoming, not being. If I did not have the discussion and conversations about sexuality and read the articles, I would still think that one person’s sexuality would not change. If one claims to be a gay and have sexual relationships with males, than he is a gay, and his sexuality is stable. However, after I read about how social situations and all types of environment could shape one person, I understand that sexuality could be chosen and negotiated. Sexuality is chosen because it relates to one’s existence and identity, that how the one wants the world to know about themselves. The big part of sexuality has to be based on one’s sexual desire, so that sexuality is not merely constructed by social circumstances. The change of one’s sexuality could never end because social situations and the environment are constantly changing.
I understand the concept that sexuality as becoming is similar with the concept that gender as doing. I learned gender as doing in my women and gender study cou...

... middle of paper ...

...he does not change.
This idea is not completely new to me, but it definitely proved my knowledge towards sexuality. Before I understand the concept that sexuality as becoming, changing sexuality appears impossible to me. How would that possible that one male was gay when he was young, became straight at forty, then became gay again at sixty? Now, I understand that it is just as normal as transgender, that it is all depends on social situations and personal experiences. I think it is a helpful and adjusted understanding that most individuals should possess, in order to reduce and eliminate the discrimination and harm towards LGBTQ communities. Making choices is a freedom that should not be discriminated against, and more understanding allows everyone to possibly change to a better version of themselves, and allows everyone to truly and fully discover about ourselves.

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