Sexuality, An Essential Part Of A Person 's Identity And Their Relationship With Others

Sexuality, An Essential Part Of A Person 's Identity And Their Relationship With Others

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Sexuality is an essential part of a person’s identity and their relationship with others. Sexuality involves deep emotional feeling and intimacy as well as issues of power and vulnerability (Anderson, 2015, p.82). This is true for every relationship whether it is a sexual relationship or not. Over the past few years, I have come to be more comfortable with my sexuality than I used to be. Sexuality was not something that was talked about in my family, schools, and community. This may be because up until recently sexual behavior was still trapped within the traditional constraints. Although the feminist and gay/lesbian movements have inspired openness about a person’s sexuality and loosened the traditional constraints a bit, there are places and other people who still feel the need to keep sexuality and sexual behavior trapped into the original boxes that they are used to.
A persistent belief is that heterosexuality is the only natural way to express someone’s sexual feelings (Anderson, 2015, p.82). This causes a continuous bias against anyone else who expresses their sexual feelings, expression, and identity in any other way. It is horrible to think that some families and communities would stop supporting a person for not being heterosexual. I have two friends, one who’s family does not support him for being gay and another who came out as pansexual to his friends, but was afraid of what his parents would react if they ever found out. To this day, I still do not believe that he has told them and one day if he does decide to, I hope that they will understand and continue to support him.
While most people would believe that sexuality is only personal and private, that is not true. The social institutions do a great deal of controll...

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...xperienced by different groups depend on the group’s location in the race, class, and gender system (Anderson, 2015, p.93). This is represented through controlled images that end up defining the groups, such as black men being portrayed as sexually threatening and black women as being “loose.” Latinas are portrayed in images as being “hot” or “virginal” while men are portrayed as “macho.” The stereotype for Asian American women as being sexually beguiling, yet passive while men are stereotyped as asexual. These controlled images are also applied to the working-class and poo people. They are often show as being promiscuous and “slutty” (Anderson, 2015, p.94)
Sexual violence has been a way of controlling and exploiting colored women for years. During the years of slavery, African American women were used as sexual objects, pleasure and economic benefit of white men.

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