Sexuality Among Adolescents, Factors, Correlations, And Solutions Essay

Sexuality Among Adolescents, Factors, Correlations, And Solutions Essay

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Sexuality Amongst Adolescents, Factors, Correlations, and Solutions


Sexuality amongst adolescents is prevalent throughout our culture and is accepted by some in our society. In review of this topic, when perceived through a biblical worldview, according to scripture, adolescents should not practice sexual behavior. Therefore, in an attempt to help prevent sexual activity in adolescents and practice abstinence, this review will help Christians and parents understand what factors and correlations that have been explored in this adolescent population who are sexually active. Existing research shows that alcohol and stress are two factors that contribute to risk in adolescents and sexual behavior. Therefore, it can be said that adolescents who partake in alcohol consumption and who are stressed are a higher risk for sexual behavior.

Alcohol use in adolescents

Among the most common and highest correlation in all sexually active adolescents, male
And female, we find that frequent use of alcohol determines the likelihood of sexual behavior (Harvey & Springer, 95). In their research “Factors associated with sexual behavior among adolescents”, Marie Harvey and Clarence Springer surveyed over a thousand students, in search of factors that were the same amongst adolescents that were engaged in sexual behavior. Some of the factors included socio economic status and education single or dual parent homes. Over five hundred male students responded to the survey with sixty percent of the of participants having engaged in sexual activity (Harvey & Springer, 95). When they surveyed the females close to five hundred responded with forty percent having engaged in sexual activity (Harvey & Springer, 95). Many of the studies tha...

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...ed the common factors, correlations, associated with adolescents engage in sexually behavior. In our review alcohol and stress where the two most common factors in adolescent sexual behavior, with peer, and conformity pressures, having secondary influences on sexual behaviors. I also reviewed the Bio, Social, psycho and spiritual factors involved in this problem. Lastly, I provided solution based on scripture and research I an attempt to aid in the problem. Finally, this subject has personally prepared me for when my children will face these problems a few years from now. I feel we can help identify adolescents at risk. We can help parents and Christians understand which adolescents are in need, so therefore we can go out and be a light, shining a clear understanding of what healthy sexuality should resemble and what options are available for combat of these factors.

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