Essay about Sexual Violence And Its Impact On Society 's Perception Of Their Bodies

Essay about Sexual Violence And Its Impact On Society 's Perception Of Their Bodies

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The statement that people 's lives in early modern Europe were determined by their society 's perceptions of their bodies is questionable. When discussing this notion, there are numerous factors to consider including the impact of; sexual violence, lack of knowledge about female anatomy, sex outside of marriages and childbearing. Taking these factors into account, we can see how heavily society 's perception of bodies influenced roles in the daily lives of civilians during that era. However, there is a consistently firm belief that it was male dominated society. The population 's lives were not truly determined by their society 's perception on their bodies, it 's due to circumstance and other overwhelming factors. This leads to the question as to whether or not it is because of this perception itself that the life of a woman in early modern Europe was unwelcoming, or if it is simply due to male influence and an idea of male superiority.
Sexual violence has always been a versatile issue, the complexity of it in early modern Europe alone is indicative of this. This notion is backed by the fact that there were no Dutch laws against rape pre-1656 and instead the only laws that did exist were incestual and abduction laws. There were certain rituals undertaken by males within youth-abbeys and these rituals were ambiguous, a more notable rite of passage is one that occurred in south-eastern France where youth would participate in multiple perpetrator rape.1 What was also more common than rape using violence was the notion of non-consenting sex while suffering under the affects of alcohol.3 During these periods rape was often associated as a man overpowering a woman, the stronger being over the weaker. This factor was one taken sexuall...

... middle of paper ... the fact that this is a portion of life in this society that is affected by perceptions of bodies as it is a profession that specializes in physiology. Another issue was the idea that prostitution and sex outside the sanction of marriage were generally frowned upon and that this has affected female lives by showing more male control over the female body. The roles civilians are given, how they act out their roles and what happens if they do not adhere to this standard are all products of a civilization that was stuck in a way that prohibited rapid societal growth due to a lack of comprehension of each other and a lack of equality. To put it plainly and briefly; there is no indication that lives in early modern Europe were determined by societies perception of bodies due to individuality and the ability for people to choose their own lives similarly as we do today.

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