Sexual Violence And Its Effect On Society Essay

Sexual Violence And Its Effect On Society Essay

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While sexual violence is the underlying issue that results in rape, there is no single concrete definition stating what it is exactly. This might be because of widespread societal disagreements on the different levels of what we consider sexual violence and it may vary from one society to another or may change over historical periods of time. What might not have been considered as sexual violence in earlier years might be today. Therefore, the issue will be examined in greater depth where multiple definitions will be revealed. The causes and consequences of sexual violence will be discussed as well as what can be done to prevent it and how society should deal with individual’s who engage in such deviant crimes.
Let’s begin with a generally acceptable definition of what rape is. It is an act or “acts of sexual violence or coercive sexuality referred to as a violent crime or violent sexual trespassing” (Curra, 2016, pp. 207). This general definition has lead the legal authorities of the U.S to come up with their own explanation of rape. They have said that a case categorizes as rape if “the assailant is a violent stranger, if the victim reports the rape immediately after it occurred, and if she can provide evidence of the attack and of her active resistance" (pp. 207). The definition which has just been mentioned is not entirely fair because a high percentage of rape cases are underreported and happen with individuals who know each other on a comfortable level. Child sexual abuse by family members also happens where the child is not able to give informed consent because they are not prepared (Stewart, Sebastiani, Delgado, & Germàn, 1996, pp. 129). Stewart et al., state that sexual violence is a universal problem that may involve m...

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...s courses and will apply “jailing and/or treating the offender” as sanctions for any delinquent individual (pp. 45). The “Safer Cities” project aims to reduce crime and fear of crime itself to create a safe urban environment (pp. 48). It has a programme focus of “trauma debriefing to increase intervention skills and stress management” (pp. 49). Its end goal is to eventually eliminate sexual violence, but it may take a while to be achieved so the criminal justice process for rape must remain as a necessity to reduce rape (pp. 49).
Curra defines “rape as a way for certain individuals to enhance their sense of power, potency, and control by hurting and overpowering others” (pp. 239). We might give it our all to try and prevent sexual violence and we can reduce the rates of it happening, but there will always be inequalities and it is one of the primary causes of rape.

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