Sexual Socialization And Sexual Education Essay

Sexual Socialization And Sexual Education Essay

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Sexual Socialization
Sexual education is one of the most important aspects to understanding one’s sexuality. By learning and studying sex, people can discover the pleasures and precautions that must be taken when they choose to become sexually active. Sex is a topic that is mainly communicated to adolescence by their parents, the media, or educational institutions. How this topic is communicated greatly correlates with the future action one chooses to take regarding their personal sexuality. One’s understanding of sex can also can determine whether one has good or bad consequences from their sexual activity. The following looks at my personal experience with sexual education, taught by my family, school, and influence from media outlets.
The first place my sexual socialization process began was in my personal home. My family raised me in a Christian home with views that sex was to only be within the sanctity of marriage. The abstinence perspective was reinforced by multiple one on one conversations with my parents and attending church functions promoting the same thing “Abstinence-only programs are those in which abstinence until marriage is stressed and contraception, if covered at all, is often taught as an ineffective option (AGI, 2008)” as cited from (“PSY-225 Lecture” 4, 2016: p 2). At the age of 12, my parents had an in-depth conversation with me about the physical aspect of sex describing how the male and female anatomy worked in the body, as well as the act of coitus. They explained how significant it was to share sex with someone you loved in the safe and protected commitment of marriage “In general, parents tend to focus on safety issues such as STIs, HIV, and pregnancy and on abstinence until marriage or a loving rela...

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... finally the media portrays a fun adventurous side of sex that is pleasurable and acceptable. All of these influences play a role in defining the boundaries one chooses regarding their sexuality. In my personal experience, my family’s religious beliefs, school education, and media encouragement taught me to treat sex as something that needs to be safe, intimate, but also pleasurable between partners in marriage. The most beneficial and important aspect of my education was the diverse learning environments of all three and the honesty of my family and school to help guide me into making my own decisions. Communicating about sex was the largest factor in understanding the concept of what it is and all it entails. By using all theses sources of communication, one can make an informed decision about what the best sexual approach to learn and understand their sexuality.

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