The Sexual Relations Of Homosexuals

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Individuals in today’s society are quick to judge a male by the tone of his voice. In the United States, the social norm is that males tend to have a deeper and more monotone voice when compared to females. It is viewed as socially incorrect if a male has a higher pitch to his voice. A man can easily be perceived as gay if his voice strays away from the norm of the male society. Homosexual males are stereotyped to be effeminate in their speech because of the similar high pitch they share with females; however, research has found that homosexual males along with heterosexual males can both show this similar quality of voice. This essay’s aim is not to discuss the sexual relations of homosexuals, but rather to proclaim that there is underlying factors that exist among having a “gay voice.” Moreover, it is strange that given the widespread belief of speech patterns being associated with sexual orientation, little research has been conducted in this area. The studies have only relied on very small samples to determine the efficiency of the judgements of sexual orientation. No study to date has examined the possible origins of these speech differences. In today’s society, most people believe that they can judge a male’s sexual orientation based only off of his speech. In addition, most studies done on sexual orientation based off of speech samples have in fact been found to be accurate. It is tiny differences in pronunciation that distinguish speech patterns. One possibility of why this speech occurs is its ability to act as a ticket of membership into the gay community. It is assumed that the “gay voice” is used to unify homosexual males from diverse backgrounds, or to identify one another in diverse social settings. How... ... middle of paper ... ...words, he said “Code-switching doesn’t mean betraying yourself” (O’Sullivan). In conclusion, stereotypes are always going to exist referring to the so called “gay voice.” As a society it is necessary to understand that the tone of voice people use is unique to them. Most gay men wish they were not judged by this small factor in their lives. Gay men cannot help the way they communicate, and many want to change their tone. Most individuals do not know that heterosexual males can also speak this way. There are many underlying factors that go into speech patterns that are heard commonly among males today. There is no such thing as a “gay voice”, there are only different tones that we stereotype to associate with gay males. Equal treatment is a huge problem in society today. In order for changes to be made, everyone must be treated fairly; including in their speech.

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