Sexual Orientation On The Moral Compass Of The Military Service Men And Women

Sexual Orientation On The Moral Compass Of The Military Service Men And Women

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For many decades, the U.S. has had pride of the excellence in the service men and women in the military. As a workforce, the military is composed of individuals of different sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and ethnic background. In the recent past, however, the issue of homosexuality has been the point of focus beginning from the fall of the twentieth century. A section of the extant literature has focused on the moral standing of the military personnel concerning their sexual orientation. It is a well acceptable fact that the issue of homosexuality is controversial even in the religious circles. Varied church denominations have advanced divergent views on the issue with some out rightly condemning it whereas others accommodative and non-judgmental.
The current paper evaluates a section of the prevailing military literature and seeks to address the issue of sexual orientation on the moral compass of the military service men and women. The paper centers on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy that the Congress enacted in the early 1990s and how the law affects the morals of the service men and women. In addition to that, the essay focusses on the religious perspective by evaluating the stand of the Catholic Church on the controversial subject.
In the historical perspective, the U.S. military has been both uncomfortable and intolerant with the issue of homosexuality among its workforce. Kier (1998) traces back the homosexual issue to an event in the mid-twentieth century. A research study by the US Navy in 1957 failed to present adequate evidence that homosexuals presented a security risk. Later in 1993, the author asserts, the claims by Lt. Maria Zoe Dunning that she was a lesbian generated heat. Luckily, Lt. Maria’s attorn...

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...lesbianism in the context of the U.S. military policy. A section of the literature support the Don’t ask Don’t tell policy that advocate for separation of openly homosexual service men and women. They believe the tendencies influence their moral compass and the military should not enlist the homosexual individuals. On the other hand, critics and homosexual activists propose that society-based notion is geared towards exclusivity and the military should relax its laws to allow individuals with homosexual inclinations serve in openness. The division is observable in the religious views where the Catholic Church as unshaken stand to condemn homosexuals in the military and society at large. Nevertheless, a section of Protestant churches support the being of homosexuals and have take a non-judgmental approach that hold that God will be give final verdict in the long end.

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