Essay on Sexual Orientation Of Adoptive Families

Essay on Sexual Orientation Of Adoptive Families

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When it comes to GLBT adoptive families there has been much adversity. This is a huge issue when it comes to GLBT adoptive families. They have gone through a period where individuals believed that those adopted by gay or lesbian couples were more likely to face psychological problems, risk of being molested, to be sexually confused (Stephen Erich PhD, 2005) and many other terrible things. However, none of this is true, every child is at risk of danger, psychological problems and being confused about their sexuality, it doesn’t matter what the sexual orientation of their adoptive parent(s). This issue made it harder for those in GLBT community to adopt children who needed homes. With the ban on GLBT adoption in certain states it left one-fifth of the million in foster care without people to adopt them, especially in 1997 when only 20,000 individuals were considerable proper adoptive families (Stephen Erich PhD, 2005).
Another issue that is unique to the GLBT adoptive family is the back lash they receive from those who see them as unfit to adopt. There are individuals who look at the families with disgust or have a mountain of questions because the lack the understanding of the what it means to be in a GLBT family. The GLBT adoptive families have to deal with individuals saying that they aren’t going to be able to raise a child to be who the child wants to be, that the child may feel forced to be homosexual because of the parents. However, studies show that the gay and lesbians fall in to the typical family strength category, they are able to meet the needs of the children in their care (Stephen Erich PhD, 2005). This shows that it doesn’t matter sexual orientation it only matters that the love and care is there for the children. ...

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...ity of reaching out and not getting the answers you want. Of how finding yourself in adoption is harder than finding yourself in a typical family. There are so many questions that adoptive children seek to answers and each reaction to answers or lack therefore of, is very different. Avery’s brother knew about his siblings but was so angry from the answers that he got that he was more hesitant to reach out to his birth mother. Zay-Zay had yet to reach that stage in his life and instead had to watch the reaction of Avery and feel the brunt of her not being around. Adoption is a lifelong process, just as raising a child is a lifelong process. With adoption the parents have to be prepared for what is to come as the kids grow, they have to be ready to face so many more questions and be so supportive because they don’t know what answers their child may or may not receive.

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