Essay about Sexual Orientation is a Social Construct

Essay about Sexual Orientation is a Social Construct

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“I love you, Katherine, believe me, I’m not a gay”. This statement is necessary to be mentioned, these days, if you love Katherine but why is there a need to justify your sexual orientation and how do you decide your sexual orientation? Actually, human beings are animals of their desires, but unlike other animals, these desires are developed under some social pressure. On a whole, society determines likes and dislikes of its individuals. No two societies are exactly identical to each other. Different societies influence its people in a different way. So, as a result of this social pressure, individual psychology and his behaviour is defined in a special manner. Society also has an impact on sexual orientation, which simply refers to sexual attraction between two individuals of either same sex or opposite sex. Sexual orientation can be homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual and distinction between them is not very clear cut. Homosexuality is the expression of romantic, sexual feelings between two same sexes while heterosexuality refers to two opposite sexes. Since, expression of feelings has different degrees and it is not so simple to categorize it, therefore, the two extremes (homosexuality and heterosexuality) are relatively easy to classify. Actually, sexuality is a major drive of human desires and an undefined mystery. Some people believe that sexuality develops from the genetic makeup of an individual and it is merely a matter of doing what comes naturally. However, according to Leonore Tiefer, “(For human beings) sex is not a natural act” (Sex is not a natural act and other essays). As a child learns how to walk with his legs similarly, people learn how to deal with their sexual desires according to their culture and experie...

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...s to be heterosexuals in these societies. Apart from this, social norms have been dynamic over time. In conservative American society, where homosexuality was once considered to be ‘sin’ is, now, regarded as ‘sickness’. People made drastic attempts to “cure” homosexuality, including castration, lobotomy, drugs, hormones, hypnosis, and electric shock treatment. However, liberal American society shows flexibility towards different sexual orientations. As a matter of fact, America, on a whole, has not completely accepted liberalism of sexual relations. There are only some American states which allow homosexual marriages. A gay man who lives in Massachusetts with his husband might not want to transfer to an office in Ohio where his marriage isn’t recognized. Therefore, social rules and cognition affect the sexuality of an individual rather than biological factor.

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