Sexual Orientation and Gay Marriage Essay

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Many people believe that America means equality and rights for everyone, but that is not necessarily true. Many people are still ostracized and discriminated against for things like sexual orientation. Personally, I believe that it’s nobody’s business who likes who, but that doesn’t mean homosexuals should be denied their rights everyone else has. Such as being able to wed, being able to have children, being able to express affection in public, etc.
Only 19 states so far have legalized gay marriage. These include: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois (June 1s) , Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, and Washington. The other 31 states have bans on same-sex marriages.
Texas, one of the states where same-sex marriage is banned, does practically nothing for gays. No same-sex marriage, no state recognition of same-sex couples from other jurisdictions, no other type of relationship recognition for same-sex couples. Why can’t gays have what heterosexuals get to have?
In the workplace, the state does not protect employees in the private sector from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (although it protects for gender equality, and racial equality), does not protect employees in the private sector from discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression, does not expressly protect employees of state and local governments from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (even federal employees are discriminated against for personal beliefs and such), does not expressly protect employees of state and local governments from discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expres...

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...als of the community, we will be one step closer to the America our forefathers had pictured for all Americans.
Although I can’t speak for every LGBT teen or student, I can say that it IS easy to be depressed in such an oppressive environment for gays. I see our school as being homophobic, personally, because of certain reasons I don’t want to express. I’m not going to get super personal, but I feel that sometimes in public I am discriminated against for my sexual orientation and even online by people who don’t know me. I know there are a lot of cases of harassment reported, but I know there is way more because a lot of people won’t report it because they think they can deal with it themselves.
This is how I feel about the issues of gay rights in America. “No freedom til we’re equal” (Macklemore). If we can move on with this, we will almost have a right America.

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