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Sexual Obsessions of Hypersexuality Essays

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Sexual Obsessions
Have you ever had sexual urges or sexual thoughts that have lasted for as long as six months? If you answered yes, you may be sexually obsessed, or in more common terms, hypersexual. Hypersexuality is a condition in which a person excessively thinks or behaves in a sexual way; a person that is hypersexual may not actually receive much sexual pleasure, but will only imagine themselves in sexual action. In the psychological community, hypersexuality is deemed as controversial. Many psychologists and health specialists view hypersexuality as a disorder, while others claim that it is not a real disorder. Protagonists often note that hypersexuality is in fact a legitimate disorder, because people with hypersexuality usually experience emotional pain, stress, loneliness, and anxiety. The arguers say that hypersexuality is not actually a disorder, but is just the result of a very high libido, or sex drive.
To declare a person as hypersexual, the person must display four out of the five typical hypersexual characteristics for more than six months. The first characteristic of a hypersexual individual is that the person often experiences frequent sexual fantasies. The individual may complain that they cannot focus on much except the fantasy, and usually obtrudes with his work or family. The second attribute of a hypersexual individual is that the person turns to thoughts of sexual action whenever bored, depressed, or stressed. This person’s sexual thoughts start to become a refuge for anything negative or dull is the individual’s life. The third criterion for a hypersexual individual is that the person attempts to keep his sexual thoughts and actions under control, but cannot. This trait is very similar to the first b...

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...hooses, there should be a decrease in sexual thoughts and urges.
There is no uniform technique or medicine that all doctors use to suppress hypersexuality, but doctors have their own recommendations. Some give out selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, a pill that reduces the sex drive in people, while others recommend the hypersexual individual to seek therapy.
All in all, hypersexuality should not be taken lightly. Even though hypersexuality may or may not be considered as a disorder, it is very a serious condition. Many relationships, professions, and lives are ruined because of this condition. Even though men are the ones who are usually affected by hypersexuality, there are women who are affected as well. If affected, there are a few medical procedures that a hypersexual individual can go through to try to reduce his or her sexual thoughts and urges.

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