Sexual Maturity For A Tiger Essay

Sexual Maturity For A Tiger Essay

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With colorful orange fur and white colored fur underneath the predator; black stripes

draped over its back and the underbelly. Sexual maturity for a Tiger is usually around three years

old. Tigers do not have a mating season like other animals, but do tend to breed in the spring.

Male Tigers do not stick around for the rearing of the cubs. A Tigris gestation period can last

about 15 weeks. Only several litters can be carried by a Tigris in her lifetime. One to six cubs

can be in a single litter but only two to three cubs survive. Tigers are an important species in our

ecosystem as well as a natural wonder.

Predators have existed for millions of years in this vast land of what we call earth; none like the

Tiger, beautiful, long, menacing, and strong. Predators like the Tyrannosaurus Rex on land and

the Megalodon out in the ocean, ruled their kingdoms. Such prehistoric animals may have ruled

the land and preyed on other animals, just like the Tiger, but the Tiger is the only species in the

list of predators whom can be extinct by the human hand. Tigers have roamed the earth,

according to some scientist, for almost six million years. At the turn of the twentieth century,

there were only 8 subspecies of tigers left in the world. Although for the past sixty years, tiger

species have lost three of their subspecies, leaving only five subspecies in the world. With only

five subspecies of Tigers left in the world, we should pose some questions like: How did three

species go extinct in the past sixty years? How many of each subspecies of Tigers are left? What

can we do to protect further extinction? What would be the effects on our ecosystem if this

species is extinct? What the cost is to preserve the Tige...

... middle of paper ... for these Tigers, but is it

enough and who is guarding these lands from poachers? This is the problem plaguing the

conservation of these beautiful animals. Saving the Tiger species should not only be looked at as

a way to conserve a cultural icon, but to save our ecosystem as well as future discoveries of

species. The further testing of certain species, like plants, and discovering new species can lead

to medical breakthroughs.

Saving the Tigers species is not only important for the species itself but also for the ecosystem.

Without Tigers in the wild the ecosystem will be out of control; species will die and many other

species will be endangered. It is our duty to preserve, or at least to try to preserve, the many

species we as humans have disturbed. It’s our human obligation and our right to fight for all the

species whom don’t have a voice.

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