Sexual Immorality And Its Effects On Society Essay

Sexual Immorality And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In The First Letter to the Corinthians and Confessions, sexual immorality is a prominent issue on which both Paul and Augustine spent long lengths— Paul made numerous warning to people not to be immoral and Augustine was regretful about his adolescence years for having too many immoral sexual behabior. According to these two authors, sexual immorality is defined as any sexual experiences without getting married and is often known as adultery. Even though they share the same definition for sexual immorality, they differ from each other from two aspects: the cause of sexual immorality and the solution to sexual immorality. For the cause of immorality, Paul believed that the lack of control of physical desire is the main cause that leads to sexual immorality. However, Augustine demonstrated that the original sin is the fundamental reason of immoral sexual behavior instead. For the solution to immorality, Paul viewed marriage as a wonderful way to avoid adultery, whereas, Augustine insisted that it cannot solve the problem basically.
Paul’s claim is that the physical desire of people is the main cause of sexual immorality. “But because of the temptation to immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband”( 1 Corinthians VII: 2). The temptation here is defined as a form of lure that can arouse people’s physical desire. Since having sex can satisfy people’s desire, it also applies to immoral sexual behavior. In another word, having immoral sex is actually catering for people’s physical desire too. “ But then come together again, lest Satan tempt you through lack of self-control”( 1 Corinthians VII: 5) Clearly, the temptation here is similar to the previous one. Satan is not the one who generates the desire, b...

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... Paul thought that marriage is an effective to avoid sexual immorality, whereas, Augustine may not seem like a big fan of this solution.
In conclusion, there are two obvious distinctions between these two authors. Paul’s opinion is that physical desire will lead to sexual immorality and to avoid it, marriage can be a perfect method. In contrast, Augustine said that the existence of the original sin is the fundamental reason that causes adultery and he believed that getting married cannot solve the problem from the root. However from another point of view, after reading Augustine’s work, it is easy for readers to develop an equivalent relationship between sex and sin. His way of thinking affects numerous people, but in fact it may exaggerate the negative outcomes of sexual behavior. The balance between sex and sin is still an intriguing topic that is worth discussing.

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