Essay about The Sexual Identity Of Adolescents

Essay about The Sexual Identity Of Adolescents

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Rejection. Death. Hatred. These are the consequences lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adolescent individuals face as members who are a part of parentally unaccepted families. In America, approximately 3.4% of adolescent individuals identify as homosexual. The breakdown of this population included 1.6% who identify as gay or straight, 0.7% who identify as bisexual, and 1.1% who don’t identify within those standards (Ward, Dahlhamer, Galinsky & Jostli, 2014, 1). Compared to the 96.6% of the American population who identify as heterosexual, these statistics seem insignificant. However, the sexual identity of adolescents has an important impact on their overall interpersonal and family relationships. For a long time, there was minimal support of homosexual marriage within the United States. However, a little under two years ago, the Supreme Court declared LGBT individuals the right to wed. This transformation has lead to a modification of the typical marriage standards, which includes a man and a woman. Over the years, the most recent generations have become more accepted of homosexuality, due to the commonality of homosexuals. However, members of older generations typically seem to be stricter about their beliefs on marriage and relationships. Adolescents and their peers typically view same-sex interactions as a personal preference, to each his own. Their parents are often less welcoming of homosexuality, because when they were adolescents it wasn’t socially acceptable to be different than the norm. This introduces a raise of controversy between members of families and their individual values. Adolescent individuals who are questioning their sexuality or have a sexual preference, different than what their families believe in, ...

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...ce as a part of their daily lives has a substantial impact on their mental health conditions. In addition to societal stress, the feeling of being unaccepted within your own home adds to the stress and develops anxiety of a LGBT individual, producing more negative health disorders. During the coming out and self acceptance process, a strong support system is needed (Darby-Mullins & Murdock, 2007, 86). When a support system is missing, and an individual doesn’t have their own family to turn to, one can fall into a mental distress. Although it is impossible to change society’s overall norm beliefs, families can change their individual values to support another member of the family. The development of a stable and solid support system is necessary for LGBT adolescents to feel non-isolated from society, and it will decrease the amount of negative mental health disorders.

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