Sexual Identity in Africa Essay

Sexual Identity in Africa Essay

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A passionate subject, a cultural and universal practice, a part of the human nature and a divine attribute bestowed upon man by his creator. No culture is superior to another when it comes to sexuality, its acts is everywhere. It doesn’t change the face of any culture or change modernity from moving forward. Sexuality, sexual harassments, sexual dimorphism, sexual orientation, sexual intercourse, gays, lesbians, sexual preferences, sexual rights, sexual selection, sex appeal, being sexy, an endless list of each phrase, briefly coming with one source word; Sex. Sex has been a necessity, even though it is hardly ever discussed. In time past, in every part of the globe, there has always been a universal acknowledgements of the act “SEX”.

Socially, it is an act a man and woman (wife/wives) engaged in after fulfilling the appropriate marriage rites. Politically, in ancient history and in present times, it was and still is the ultimate weapon of seduction that gave/gives most of our prominent women power over their male opponents. Over the years, sexual activities have grown to affect our lifestyles and perspectives (life views) to a great extend.

In distinct parts of the world, the concept of sexual expressions and identities took diverse forms. The forms cut across beliefs, religions, perceptions, moral standard and even politics. However, certain things were settled for. According to N.M Heckel, in medieval times,

“Sex was measured, as it is now, to be a normal and natural part of life. Most authorities agreed that it was not intrinsically sinful because God would not have made such a necessary activity to be a taboo (without sex one cannot have children and fulfil the commandment to "increase and multiply, and repleni...

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