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Sexual and reproductive health deals with the state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not just the absence of disease or infrimity. The article points out that there needs to be a social impact on sexual and reproductive health services and for policy makers to be aware of these things so their can be funding for these programs and public education about it too. The reason why this is an interesting topic is because each society around the world has different groups of people who have their own or cultural view on when it comes to sexual health and illness as matter of fact not all cultures or groups are aware on how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or have the knowledge of the transmission of sexually transmitted disease along with other reproductive health issues and or concerns.

The Literature Research

A combination of key phrases used to search for articles or literature pertaining to the research topic though USF libraries. On the USF Libraries home link I clicked on the Database tab and from the list of databases, I clicked on PubMed and entered the query for Sexual and Reproductive Health and 20 results with the matching key words pulled up and selected the most relevant topic that dealt with sexual health throughout the world.

Benefits of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

The structure of the literature covers several different topics and issues but overall four issues were raised with great significance, as follows, 1) Investing in Family Planning services to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and the availability of access of it. 2) Newborn infants and the care that they receive to ensure that they live during their first year of life. 3) Unsafe abortions. 4) Sexual health and...

... middle of paper ...

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