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Essay Sexual Health For The Elderly

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Sexual Health for the elderly is an area that is overlooked by many. This natural pleasure is one that research has identified as not be addressed frequent enough. RN Journal, (2016) noted “only 2% of nurses stated that they always took a sexual health history when conducting admission interviews with older adults. A further 23% admitted to either rarely or not at all addressing sexual health with this cohort of patients.” Many feel that, the elderly, do not have concerns regarding their sexual health, is this the case? Facts show that the topic is often not addressed because of the notion that the elderly do not engage in such youthful pleasures. How do we improve this conversation? What can we do as health care professions to assist the elderly to address this topic of basic pleasure with ease? Promoting good sexual health activity for the elderly is necessary for the enjoyment of life for our growing elderly population.
Sexual Health
The old adage “use it or lose it” rings true for many aspects of one’s life and sexual activity is no different. "You should continue to have good sex for the same reason you should continue to get good exercise: It 's taking care of yourself. Wake up your body again if it has been shut down. Do it whether you feel like it or not." (DeNoon, 2016) Age is not death and sexual contact can be intercourse and beyond and primarily depends on one’s cultural acceptance. Sexuality and the individuals desire is a natural expression of daily living and needs to be a part of health promotion for healthy engaging adults in advancing years.
Although some aspects of sexual functioning decline with age, the extent of this decline depends to a large extent on how t...

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... client’s choice
• Providing resources that promote sexual health, (e.g. pamphlets, website, community resources).

With the growing population of the elderly, nurses must be promoters of health from a holistic approach, this includes sexual health for the elderly. Many people considered elderly by age 60 are still enjoying a healthy sex life. In many cases sex ceases simply because of age related blockages to a healthy sex life have come about. Good sex health is a part of what every adult deserves as and should be a part of the basic conversation during the assessment. When nurses engage in the conversation it not only restores and promotes health, but can also serve as a prevention to illness that can come about when the conversation is not had. Nurses must provide good reliable tips to the elderly that can assist them to get this natural pleasure back on track.

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