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Sexual Harassment comes in many forms and weather spoken, verbal, written or the behavior itself, it makes the person uncomfortable and the end results is all same, Sexual Harassment is unwelcome and unwanted behavior. Sexual Harassment discrimination is illegal. It is the employer obligation to make sure their organization and employees have protection from discrimination. This paper will show that Jacksonville shipyard acted unethically by failing to protect one of their employees Lois Robinson. Jacksonville Shipyard was well aware that Ms. Robinson faced sexual harassment on a daily basis by her male co- workers. Once Lois complained to Management that she objected to the co-workers behaviors , instead of helping her they made light of the situation.
Definition of Ethical Issues
The ethical issue are that the Jacksonville Shipyard organization and employees placed Lois in a hostile work environment under the Sexual Harassment laws. Lois employer pointed her out as part of the problem. According to Boatright (2009) “ The supervisor’s superior declined to order the pictures removed. Another supervisor suggested that Ms. Robinson “was spending too much time attending to the pictures and not enough time attending to her job” (p28). Jacksonville Shipyard failure to practice protecting the employees from Sexual Harassment was illegal. Lois Robinson was mentally and emotionally harm by feeling of working in a intimidated environment which pornographic materials were hung, daily inappropriate jokes, and being excluded from the trailer where they all had to complete their paperwork to a men only spot. The posting of the sign was morally wrong and...

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... is ethically right for all of their female employees. .

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