Essay on Sexual Freedom And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Sexual Freedom And Its Effects On Society

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Sex has been a taboo subject for many generations in nearly every culture present in the world. Many seem to rely on the traditional idea that one should abstain from sex until marriage, while others evolved and began to exercise the idea of sexual freedom and are not held down by any certain beliefs or traditions. Leslie Bell takes an in-depth look into this complex situation by taking into account various psychoanalytical theories and first-hand experiences in order to make sense of this complicated subject. One can argue that sex becomes a much more complicated rather than a pleasurable experience for women due to the confusing standards that society has put in place, their upbringing from childhood to adulthood, and their overwhelming desire to fulfill their sexual needs.
Societal pressures greatly impact the women presented in this passage. Bell states that society imposes "a confusing set of messages with high stakes," (Bell 27) regarding the idea of establishing and maintaining a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. Yet, women receive "clear and helpful direction...about how to succeed academically and professionally." (Bell 27) The idea of “splitting”, introduced by Bell, comes into play as a sort of defense mechanism in order to remain stable in a way. This natural behavior that women tend to exhibit comes into play due to their inability to understand what is going on when it comes to sex. They want to feel vulnerable and show feelings of love and care, but at the same time want to remain independent and autonomous. This notion of splitting provides women the ability to cope with these radically different feelings and desires without harming themselves or without harming others as well.
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... Not only does society make things more complicated for them, but the way they were raised affects them as well. Their familial upbringing is a key factor in how they exhibit their sexual desires as well. Being raised in the proper conditions can allow for women to explore sex in less complicated way compared to women who were brought up under different circumstances. Besides the fact that these factors make the issue of sex much more complicated, their sexual desires also play a crucial role in how it is perceived negatively. Women tend to feel that their desires are too overwhelming for men and tend to hide it from them, making it more and more stressful for them to truly fulfill their desires. Women view sex as a more complex issue that can’t be addressed in one way, but must be approached by various ways in order to make it less complicated and more pleasurable.

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