Essay on Sexual Ethics, The Christian Tradition And The Liberal Tradition

Essay on Sexual Ethics, The Christian Tradition And The Liberal Tradition

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There are two views to be considered in sexual ethics, the Christian tradition and the liberal tradition. The Christian tradition believes that sex is special and creates an intimate personal relationship between two people. Whereas the liberal frame sex as just an act that requires two peoples informed consent but other then, that it is no special than any other humanly act. Views on pornography will are consistent to both beliefs, Christian’s more specifically Benn, would argue that pornography will orient one’s sexual desires away from building an intimate relationship. Contrary to this, the liberals, more specifically, Goldman, would be in favor of pornography has he sees nothing special about sex. Although it is important to acknowledge the significance of sex for a relationship, and its moral specialness, above all other actions, that helps create a bond between two people, humans should not be concerned that pornography consumption will increase or limit sexual desire from one’s relationship.
Christians believe that sex is morally special because it has human goods which promotes for human flourishing. Milander and Benn both have a similar Christian approach to sexual ethics. The two view sex as being virtuous. In relation to sexual ethics, they argue that there are important goods at stake so one should not view sex as being just ordinary. Milander speaks about the good of the reproduction and the bodily communication in marriage. He believes that one should not seek only pleasure of sex but also seek the good of it. Benn believes that one should consider distinctive goods that are available within eroticism in deciding how to morally evaluate sexual acts and desires. “The tenderness and intimacy that find unique expressi...

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..., and if given the option my partner would choose me over pornography every time. I was taught to have a lot of self-worth. Self-worth and self-respect is more important than being in any relationship.
If porn is ruining my relationship then, my relationship was lost way before pornography came into the picture and the communication between my partner and I am clearly non-excitant. If one “gets rid of the problem’ it does not solve the issue. Like, if you get rid of McDonalds, an people will still crave burgers. If you stop selling cigarettes, a smoker will still have the urge to smoke. Ban porn, my significant other would still want to watch porn. To argue that porn is taking away the intimate aspects of sex is not a good reason to regulate or limit it. Sex is really special and it is between two people in love, no temptations can taint or come between that.

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