Sexual Education As A Part Of The Curriculum Essay examples

Sexual Education As A Part Of The Curriculum Essay examples

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In the interest of education, many public schools in the United States incorporate sexual education as a part of the curriculum. In fact, some public schools have been teaching sexual education as far back as the 1920’s (Cornblatt, 2009). Over the years, these programs have evolved from subjects like sexual hygiene, and physiological changes during puberty, to include more sensitive subjects including teenage pregnancy, STD prevention, masturbation, and rape/sexual violence. Every state has different laws on the matter. Some states mandate that schools have an abstinence only policy. Other states require an education that ranges from abstinence only, all the way to medically accurate methods of birth control options and protections from sexually transmitted diseases. This is known as a comprehensive sexual education. This has been a controversial subject with some parents in America. A research poll found that the majority of voters across most demographics, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, as well as Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians, support comprehensive sex education (The President’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative: Providing Young People the Information and Skills They Need, 2012). However, there is a vocal minority of parents that believe that sexual education only encourages children to have sex at a young age. These are people in favor of abstinence only education. Some of these parents are motivated by concerns with morality, and the parental right above all to teach this subjects; others cite religious concerns. Regardless of the reasoning, it is mind boggling to think that American children shouldn’t be given an age appropriate comprehensive sexual education as part of their...

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... Even the United States Congress has recognized the importance of a comprehensive sexual education, allocating $131 million dollars for a medically accurate comprehensive sex education in the public schools, versus only $5 million for abstinence only programs (Wetzstein, 2014). Ideally, children would learn an all-encompassing sexual education from their parents. Even better, they would learn the same medically accurate information both at home and at school. The consequences of unprotected teenage sex is an issue that effects society as a whole, and in a perfect world, this issue would be attacked on multiple fronts, both at home, and school. But as long as there is even one child that isn’t being educated about it at home, then it should always be taught as part of the public school curriculum. After all, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

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