Sexual Education A Slippery Slope Essay

Sexual Education A Slippery Slope Essay

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Sexual Education… A Slippery Slope
Sexual education in schools is a hotly debated subject between government, school administrators, teachers and parents. It appears the objective of this course is not only to teach students biological sex, but personal choices as well. The course is usually fashioned in a two day format, and has little or no follow up, regarding the understanding or comprehension of the student. Sexual Education in schools, often offends student’s morals and religious beliefs, frequently omits biological truths, lacks emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspect of being sexually active, and is thought to be an intrusion of the parent-child relationship.
Sexual Education for teenagers in public schools crosses many moral and religious beliefs. The majority of the Christians, in the world, perceive sexuality in the context of human dignity, family and marriage (BBC Religious Studies 1). “Not a single Comprehensive Sexual Education course encourages teens to delay sex until at least out of High School, much less, waiting until marriage” (“Comprehensive Sex Education” 1). Sexual Education in schools, does not teach, “Genital sex is an expression of intimacy, not the means to intimacy. … True intimacy is not primarily a sexual encounter. Intimacy… has almost nothing to do with our sex organs. A prostitute may expose her body, but her relationships are hardly intimate (Focus on the Family”2-3) Some of the population is quick to argue that not all students are of the Christian persuasion; however, the majorities of religions hold the same values, thus, the current curriculum, does exclude large portions of the student population. Families have their own individual beliefs regarding morals and their childre...

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...ams offer a forum where parents and other adults can learn about the curricula and express their fears, concerns and support for the [church’s] program … [The] first month of the … program, we focus on adults and their needs … By offering sex education at church, we can address the needs of the whole family” (Matter of Faith 5). Following this program, parents could be taught how to instruct their child in sexuality, spirituality and morality according to their own values and beliefs.
Sexual education in schools, often offends, parents and students alike, due to various reasons such as; moral and religious beliefs. Often, families believe, the teaching of this personal topic should be left within the family. This is an issue that will probably not be solved in the near future without a concentrated effort by schools, teachers and students.

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