Sexual education: A must for school systems Essay

Sexual education: A must for school systems Essay

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In today’s society, sexual education must be a staple subject in the high school, and maybe even the junior high school, curriculum. Many young teenagers are learning about sex from the wrong outlets, such as television, which makes them unable to make informed, educated decisions about their sex lives. A study published last month in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that abstinence education deters sexual activity in young teens. The same study also showed that students who receive formal sexual education classes wait longer to have sex and are more likely to use contraceptives (Pappas). The decision whether or not to allow sex education classes to be taught in school system is a continuing dilemma. I believe that with appropriate sex education classes, students can make more informed decisions about sex, hinder their sexual activity until a mature age, and, ultimately, reduce the growing number of teen pregnancies across the United States.
Sexual education, also referred to as sexuality education, is “a type of education that imparts knowledge and helps to form beliefs and attitudes about sex, sexual relationships, sexual intimacy and sexual identity” (Homemorals). Over the years, many schools have started some type of sexual education curriculum. Typically, there are two types of sex education courses, abstinence-only and comprehensive. State education departments determine which methods to teach in their particular state. There are many pros and cons to sexual education in public schools, but according to a 2010 study, more parents are in favor of sex education than parents who are against it (Essortment). According to that poll, parents say they would rather have their children learn proper terms ...

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