Sexual Behaviors of Street Workers

Sexual Behaviors of Street Workers

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Survey was carried out in Padua, North-East Italy between January 2001 and January 2004 among 98 female street sex workers to determine knowledge of STIs and condom use. This study revealed that majority (40) participants were in the age group of 21-23 years. 35 participants were started their sexual profession in the age of 15 and 18 years and 36 after the age of 18 years. 60 participants were using a condom at every time. The younger girls used a condom less frequently than the elder girls. Majority (85%) of participants did not use a condom with non-paying partners. Majority (98%) were aware about STIs 93% were aware about HIV.31
The qualitative study was carried out in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea during April to June 2004 among 174 FSW aged between14 to 44 years were enrolled to determine HIV knowledge, risk perception, sexual behaviours, and safe sex practices. This study revealed that majority of participants were in the age group of 14–20 and 21–30 years, the majority of participants were divorced, poorly educated and started sex work for more than 3 years. All participants had heard about HIV/AIDS, and 98% were good knowledge about HIV transmit through sexual contact and none was aware of HIV can transmit through infected needles or injecting drug use. About 75% were aware that HIV can prevent by using condoms, but condom use with partners was ‘sometimes’ 79%, ‘never’ 15%, and ‘always’ 6%.32
A survey was carried out in Meru, Kenya to know the practices of anal intercourse and dry sex among 147 self identified FSWs. This study showed that the mean age of FSWs was 35 years. About 3.4% were married, 9.5% were widowed, 29.3% were divorced or separated, and 57.8% had never married. 66% FSWs used condom consistently one time clients and 55.8% with regular clients. About 40.8% were practiced anal intercourse and 74.2% FSWs were believed that anal intercourse had higher or equally high risk for STI/HIV compared with vaginal sex.33
Four cross sectional studies were conducted recruiting 400 MSM in 1995, 200 MSM in 1998,401 MSM in 2002 and in 2005 406 MSM of 14 years or older who reported oral or anal sex in the previous 12 months. The study focuses on trends in risky sexual practices for HIV/AIDS of MSM in Brazil. The studies were conducted using different selection techniques to recruit the study population (snowball, time-space sampling and respondent driven sampling).

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High rates of risky sexual practices were reported in 1995 (49.9%), decreasing in 1998 (32.6%), increasing again in 2002 (54.6%) and showing the lowest level in 2005 (31.4%). The percentage of MSM at risk varied significantly according to duration of schooling. Individuals with more schooling were involved more frequently in unsafe sex practices in 2002 (44.3%) as compared to 1998 (28.7%). However this declined to 21% in 2005. There was a significant increase in gay men involved in risky sexual practices from 1998 (34.6%) to 2002 (52.5%). Risky sexual practices were found to be high at school age and decreased as the age advanced. Among individuals with medium or low schooling, risky behaviour declined with increase in age. The study highlights the need for behavioral surveillance to address STD/HIV prevention.34
A web-based survey conducted at Argentina among 496 MSM to estimate the prevalence of HIV and other STIs in Buenos Aires between November 2007 and July 2009, gave the prevalence of HIV as 17.3%, HBV as 22.9%, HCV as 7.5%, T pallidum as 20.5%, HPV as 83.5%, and C trachomatis as 1.7%. 71% of the subjects had the history of having sex with men and or women; and 29% had not had sex with women. Significantly higher prevalence of HIV (30.7%) and STIs (HBV 36.4%, T pallidum 32.1%, and HPV 88.3%) was noted in MM(Men having sex with men) than in men having sex with men and women (HIV 11.9%, HBV 17.8%, T pallidum 15.7%, and HPV 70.4%). Even the incidence of HIV and STI’s was more among MSM group.35
A bio-behavioral survey was carried out in Kerman City, Iran to determine the prevalence of HIV, STIs, and risky behaviors among 177 FSWs between February and May 2010. This study revealed that about 65% of FSW were less than 30 years5.3% were illiterates whereas 41.3% were completed high school education.11.8% were married and 42.5% were divorced. The mean age at first sex was 17.35 years. About 17% FSWs were did not used condom in the last sexual act with paying partners and in 22% in non-paying partners. None of the FSWs were HIV positive, though the prevalence of syphilis was 7.2% and HSV2 was 18%.36

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