Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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Picture this. You are heading off to college to begin the next chapter of your life. It is a moment you have always been waiting for. You are past the high school drama, and are ready to start taking classes that will allow you to obtain a degree in something you have always been passionate about. It’s your first week on campus and you are invited to a party being hosted by a group of upper classman. You show up to the party and immediately are handed a red cup with what you know is something you shouldn’t be drinking. You take a sip anyway and soon start talking to that guy in the corner who at first seems friendly, but soon begins to take advantage of you. Just like that everything changes. This is a situation millions of people face every day, and represents the growing crises in our nation of sexual assault on college campuses. Sexual assault is defined as forced sexual activity committed without a person’s consent. This can include, but is not limited to, touching, kissing, and rape. These sickening acts have caused countless victims to be left with lasting repercussions, while offenders escape punishment from the lack of action taken by colleges in sexual assault cases. To end this leniency and stop the rise of sexual assault on college campuses we must be willing to enforce colleges to use their sexual assault policies. Heading off to college young adults are faced with alarming statistics about how often sexual assault occurs on campuses. With one in five college students experiencing sexual assault during their college career who wouldn’t be afraid? This remains especially true for young women between the ages of 18-24 (“The Realities of Sexual Assault”). While a woman’s freshman and sophomore year of college are when sh... ... middle of paper ... ...eges should be held responsible for them. So picture this. What if we lived in a world where sexual assault didn’t exist? A world where we could go to college, and not take with us the fear of possibly being assaulted. A world where there are no victims of these heinous crimes. Unfortunately with the statistics we see today of sexual assault on college campuses, it’s hard to imagine a world like this. More and more we see offenders of these crimes escape real punishment while victims are left with a lifetime of baggage. While there are many factors that can be contributed to the rise of this crisis we must be able to identify that colleges leniency in prosecuting sexual assault cases is really the number one reason. So what are we going to do? How can we end these crimes? Change is possible in this crisis but can only happen if we hold colleges to a higher standing.

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