Essay on Sexual Assault Cases Is The Involvement Of Alcohol

Essay on Sexual Assault Cases Is The Involvement Of Alcohol

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Another factor that tends to be consistent in sexual assault cases is the involvement of alcohol. No one can claim that it is a woman’s fault if she is raped, and if they did, they would be in the wrong, as it is entirely the perpetrators wrongdoing. However, there has been a longstanding connection between women who are consuming alcohol and their vulnerability and risk of being sexually assaulted or rape1. It was discovered that women typically drink in certain settings, and these settings are what can increase the chances of sexual assault, researchers Testa and Livingston claiming that,
“Drinking settings typically include men who are drinking and hence more likely to be sexually aroused, to misperceive women’s sexual intent and to accept and perpetrate sexual aggression. Moreover, these settings often involve implicit or explicit sexual activity, which may be enhanced by expectancies about alcohol consumption and sex” (Testa and Livingston 2009).
College campuses are known for their parties and bars which are often packed of young men and women heavily drinking, so it can be concluded that alcohol consumption by both the victim and the perpetrator can contribute to an unfortunate case of sexual assault. This raises the idea that maybe if college campuses were stricter with enforcing the laws regarding underage drinking, that less rapes and sexual assaults would occur. Another issue that occurs when women drink too much is that they are too intoxicated to provide consent. When a women does not provide consent, then it is still considered rape, which is another concept that desperately needs to be taught to young people on college campuses.

Like with any social problem, this issue does not have one sim...

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...verwhelming and pressing social problem that is in desperate need of being solved so everyone on campuses can feel safe. The many reasons why men rape prove that there are aspects of society that are failing our youth, and need to change. We need to educate more on what rape actually is, how to prevent it, and more importantly, change the parts of our society that send the message that rape is normal, or this is how men are supposed to behave. Unachievable ideas of male masculinity/aggression must be erased, college drinking must be kept in check, and women must feel comfortable to report what has happened to them. We have a long way to go before this social problem ever disappears, but with proper education and the willingness to dispute harmful norms that have been put in place for years, I believe we have the ability to lessen sexual assault and rapes at colleges.

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