Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Essay

Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Essay

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Gender Violence
Gender violence is an ongoing issue in the United States. This year alone there have been several highly publicized cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. A popular case that occurred recently depicted a Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz, who carried her mattress around campus every day to protest her rapists continued enrollment at the school (Brodsky and Deutsch). Emma brought her sexual assault to attention, but this was not the first time a sexual assault has occurred on a college campus or unfortunately the last. In 1976 this issue was brought to attention when a Yale undergraduate refused to consent to her professor’s sexual advances—the denial of these advances, he told her, would cause her to receive a C in the course instead of an A. The victim reported the events to Yale’s administration, but the school officials told her “nothing could be done to remedy her situation.” At that time, it was true there were no policies to protect her from this heinous situation. Since there was nothing else for her to do, the victim as well as several classmates sued Yale for failing to address instances of sexual harassment and assault. At the time Yale did not have a systematic response plan in effect and no legal obligation to even have one (Brodsky and Deutsch). Time has passed, yet we are still dealing with this pressing issue of gender violence with little government intervention. Our federal and state governments have for several years been lacking efforts to help find a solution for this disheartening problem. Although, with the recent attention in the media regarding this horrid issue, this coming year, both federal and state lawmakers seem to be planning on addressing the problem of gender viol...

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...inal justice response. Also now, the VAWA has now ensured that victims and their families have access to the services they need to achieve safety and rebuild their lives by.
Law makers in the United States as well as Indiana have made small strides in making the endemic of gendered violence apart of their agenda. More groups like NO MORE and ICADV need to stand up against law makers and make their voices heard. Political figures like Vice President Joe Biden have made this a priority and will not stop unless he sees a change. We need more law makers who care about this cause in office. Unless you are loud no one will here you. It is time that us as people stand up to such a problem and bring awareness to the issue. If people make it be known that is a problem all over the world not just the United States then just maybe our law makers will hear us and make a change.

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