Sexual Assault And Child Abuse Essay

Sexual Assault And Child Abuse Essay

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The Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Center offers a variety of services and treatments for sexual assault and child abuse victims. To be brutally honest right out of the gate, I feel like a number of them are unnecessary. That being said, PASAC offers a few treatment services that has the potential to help victims out significantly. A few of PASAC’s services I was intrigued by were: the crisis response services, the legal advocacy services, and a few of the child sexual abuse examinations.
The crisis response services could be beneficial for sexual assault victims. The 24-hour helpline would be beneficial for the victims because, after a terrible act has been committed against them, it would be an assuring feeling knowing that someone is there for you at any hour. The hospital advocacy I feel like is crucial towards helping a victim shortly after an attack has occurred. The hospital could be a scary place for someone who has recently gone through the traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted. A victim might find it to be helpful having an advocate present could ...

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