The Sexism Within The Gaming World Essay examples

The Sexism Within The Gaming World Essay examples

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This case study will be focusing on the key topic of sexism within the gaming world. It will focus on two very important aspects; sexism against women within the gaming industry and community, and sexism against women in games.
Within the gaming industry, whether it is within the PC gaming industry network or the general gaming industry network, sexism exists. This is supported by the findings discussed within this case study. One such example is: “60% of women in the game industry have experienced sexism... Almost 77% of women and about 55% of men have female friends in the game industry that have experienced sexism.” (Allaway, 2014)
Sexism also occurs within the actual gaming population where a large, if not whole part of the female gamer population encounters sexist and indecent remarks at least once from the male gaming population.
Many video games portray women as objectified beings, purely used for sex appeal and to attract the larger male gamer population. We also see men idealised in a similar way as well – the males in video games are portrayed as muscly, brawny men. However, we rarely see a scantily clad man in a game, but there is a vast abundance of games which feature women wearing ‘sexy armour’, or a noticeable lack of substantial amount of clothing. This isn’t female-friendly as these games are made for men, causing women to feel alienated and uncomfortable.
"In order to create an inclusive experience for women, it is imperative that game companies design and market games with female target audiences in mind." (Gonzalez, A., Gomez, E., Orozco, R., & Jacobs, S., 2014).

Sexism within the gaming workplace and within the gaming population.
Women within the gaming industry go through a lot of discrimination and...

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Graph 1: All programmers and Engineers. Graph 2: All Artists and Animators.
Graph 3: All Game Designers. Graph 4: All Producers.

Graph 5: All Audio Developers. Graph 6: All QA Testers.

Graph 7: All Business and Legal Peoples.

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