Essay on Sexism Is Still Commonly Found All Over The World

Essay on Sexism Is Still Commonly Found All Over The World

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Sexism is still commonly found all over the world. What was sexism like back in the

1960s and 1970s? The novel, The Help shows many different stories, relationships, and problems about sexism. The characters who experience sexism have different experiences and backgrounds. Sexism even crosses racial boundaries and affects both blacks and whites. In fact, the book shows two different kinds of sexism. One type of the sexism is a prejudice that influences the way women dress, work, speak, and act. The character in The Help struggle to respond in some way to the sexist ideal of the good housewife back in the 1960s, sometimes conforming to it and sometimes rebelling against it.

There are different types of Sexism that appeared in the The Help and Skeeter is a good example for the sexism that affected a typical American woman in the 1960s. The Help describes white women to have a typical image by appearance and role. Aibileen describes Skeeter as "She wearing a white lace blouse buttoned up like a nun, flat shoes so I reckon she don’t look any taller. Her blue skirt gaps open in the waist. Miss Skeeter always looks like somebody else told her what to wear." (Stockett 4). This image is not typical for the American woman. Skeeter is not like the women in her town, so she looks funny from her hair to her feet. Unlike women of her age who wear their hair in puffs and bobs, Skeeter isn 't concerned about her frizzy hair. She dresses in ordinary clothes while the other women are fashionable and dressed in modern pleated and matched blouses, skirts and shoes. When Skeeter is not wearing common clothes people also get shocked, "And there Miss Skeeter in a red dress and red shoes, setting on my front steps like a bullhorn," her dress is too b...

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...typed blacks as uneducated. The Help is a book that shows how sexism worked in the American society. Many different evidences show that Sexism was a serious problem at that time but also shows that sexism is still present decades after in the same forms. Many examples for Sexism could be from the men towards the women and also from among the women. Skeeter was a good example for sexism from the same sex which is women. White women also looked down upon other white women who were different and determined to achieve their ambitions.

There was sexism between the white women and their black helpers. The common sexism is that which is between the superior man and his submissive wife. People in different races, classes, ages, backgrounds and experiences experienced different types of sexism. Not only was this a problem in the early 1900s but continues to this day in 2016.

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