Sexism, Heterosexism, And Social Policy Essay

Sexism, Heterosexism, And Social Policy Essay

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Sexism, Heterosexism, and Social Policy
Most of the current social work clients and workers are women. This gender is also over-represented among women, which implies that women continue to face considerable issues in the modern society despite the changes in the traditional role of men and women in the society. Social welfare policy are usually developed and implemented to confront various issues in the society including the plight of women. However, recent statistics demonstrate that social welfare policy does not always meet women’s needs effectively. This is regardless of the fact that sexism and heterosexism play a crucial role is shaping social welfare policy. Therefore, it is important to develop effective social welfare policy that meets the need of women effectively.
Overview of Sexism and Heterosexism in Social Welfare Policy
Sexism can basically be defined as discrimination or prejudice that is usually targeted against women on the basis of sex or gender. On the other hand, heterosexism is described as prejudice against homosexual individuals and in favor of heterosexual policy. Sexism and heterosexism plays a crucial role in shaping social welfare policy given the challenges that women and men experience in the society based on sexual orientation or preferences. Sexual welfare policy can be described as regulation that is directed towards protecting the well-being of all groups of people through meeting their needs effectively.
An analysis of social welfare policy in the United States shows that America social policy favors or supports males, married families, and non-Hispanic whites while oppressing minority groups like African Americans, children, and women, particularly single mothers (Parker, 2013). T...

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...ate same-sex displays, which fueled the unfair treatment of same-sex students. This was worsened by the failure to include sexual orientation as a safeguarded category in students’ rights in the school. The final systemic factor that fueled this behavior was the fact that school events were planned based on suppositions of heterosexuality.
In conclusion, sexism and heterosexism play a crucial role in shaping social welfare policy through generating issues and needs that require regulations to address. Sexism and heterosexism largely act as the basis for identifying and raising the needs of various needs among individuals and groups of people in the society. The process of developing social welfare policy to address the identified needs and issues requires observation of individualized acts and systemic or structural factors that may contribute to such behaviors.

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