Essay about Sexism As A Man Or Society?

Essay about Sexism As A Man Or Society?

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Sexism has been around for a long time and it’s still going on today. You see sexism in almost anything, where they get treated unfairly or being degraded by a man or society. One of the biggest places that affects woman in sexism would be in the work force. Woman have been portrayed as inferior inside and outside the house hold. The work force is defined by social structures from patriarchal perspectives. Elimination of gender roles, equal job opportunities and needs a sense of justice. This is America, “Land of the Free; Home of the sexism.”
We need to eliminate gender roles because women can do what men can do. Women don’t have to do what woman are normally “suppose” to do because a man can do that as well. When man or society sees women doing something out of the norm they tend to be surprised or question it because they believe that it’s only normal for a man to be doing such a job. One example would be at home, men are usually the top dog bringing home the income and women are the care givers but men can also be a care giver toward his children and woman can also bring home income to the house. We live in a society where women are only normally are supposed to do, but now woman are being stronger as ever being able to do what men can in any field.
With that we need equal job opportunities. According to Leunig (2012), in our society women dominate the part time job market while men have the full time. The reason for that is because women tend to have more needs than men and reasons to not be in a job, for example if a woman is pregnant she won’t be able to come to work at a certain point or would have to go on break because of that. Employers have always paid men more even at the same job, according...

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...thing else other than the kitchen her idea was rejected.
In conclusion everyday women face inequality in the work force and not being able to get through the glass ceiling even when they deserve it. We need to eliminate gender roles because women can do what men can do. They can be tough and strong for whatever job they want to do and can be good at it putting the work and effort like everyone should. We need to create equal job opportunities because if a women is doing the same job and has the same education as a man she needs to be paid the same. She also needs to be treated when it comes to things like promotions because even women can do better than men and they don’t get that promotion and the man with less work gets the promotions makes it unfair. Which leads to a sense of justice because men and women should be equals, one shouldn’t be higher than the other.

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