Sexism : A Psychological Point Of View Essay

Sexism : A Psychological Point Of View Essay

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Sexism, like racism, is the stereotyping and often discrimination of a person based on their predisposed, usually unchangeable, biological characteristics. In the case of sexism, it is the selectively unjustified negative behavior against women or men due to their gender. From a psychological point of view, sexism could come from a cognitive, social and individual difference, or developmental perspective. When sexism is approached from the cognitive perspective, you must look into memory, perception, and the development, prejudice and stereotypes in order to understand what influence the mind has on sexism. From the social and individual difference perspective, personality is the largest factor in understanding sexism, but parental and peer influence is also important. In the developmental point of view, there are many things that could influence the development of sexism, the majority relating to the way the person was raised, such as their relationship to their parental figures and their parenting style, the child 's relationship with its peers. A very powerful part of this perspective when it comes to sexism is the part gender roles play in their development. In order to understand the dynamic of sexism, you must also understand the psychological aspects which have affected its creation. They can explain via the mind, personality, and development, why people have created the issue of sexism and how it had been maintained throughout the years.

Cognitive Psychology is the study that focuses on the mind and mental functions, such as learning, creating perceptions and memory, reasoning, and decision making (Bernstein, 2014). In order to explain the role that cognitive psychology has on sexism you must look into the creation of s...

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... among people, and through cultures. Many people have strong sexist beliefs and many others strongly oppose those beliefs, because there is such a mix it creates finding a solution difficult, and it fuels the maintenance of the issue. As long as one person continues to hold sexist beliefs the problem cannot be extinguished as their belief can easily be passes though generations and culture. Beliefs are often passed though families and cultures and generally dependent upon sociocultural factors like race or religion. Those with sexist beliefs may be simply following their family 's or culture 's beliefs for acceptance, which makes the removal of the issue very difficult. Those who hold strong influence over others can easily influence the beliefs of those who look up to them, making sexism within religions and cultures deeply rooted and something very hard to remove.

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