Essay on The Sex Trafficking Trade

Essay on The Sex Trafficking Trade

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The sex trafficking trade has been largely acquainted with countries in Europe and South America of the years. Nonetheless, this epidemic in reality has been in the United States for some time. The United States has become tolerable because of the amount of money the sex business industry brings in annually. The youths trapped in prostitution, brothel, massage services has been on the upsurge due to a lack of assistance. Lack of acknowledgment by the government and the media has been astounding. To comprehend how to combat the issue one must be aware there has been a problem occurring. Therefore it would be essential to provide the necessary statistics for individuals to know which youths are targets by their vulnerability. The types of strategies implemented in the past associated with prevention of such victimization of minors. Lastly, how do we reintegrate these youths back into society to develop into productive citizens without further abuse.
Youths that become tangled in the sex trafficking industry frequently do so by some type of coercion, force or fraud. In the past the assurance of money and a better life has been what enticed many to travel from foreign countries to the United States and others. These youths are forced into the sex industry through false pretenses. However, there is a great number of youth in the United States that also have become easy targets. Thus looking outside the United States has not become necessary. As many as 325,000 youths are at risk for being exploited by sex traffickers every year in the United States (Clawson, Dutch, Solomon & Goldblatt, 2009). These youths are not only female but also male individuals that are being exploited equally.
Generally, vulnerable youths are runaways, homeles...

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